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Other EU engagement

Published: 23 July 2015

Ingvar Landälv are already previously active in the EU by sitting at the head of the EU Biofuels Platform (EBTP).

This he does by virtue of his long experience from being one of the people behind the development of the company Chemrec's gasification technology. Moreover, he is a key figure in the university's research LTU Biosyngas programs and LTU Green Fuels plant for the production of green fuels. EBTP has, among other things, highlighted the biofuels so that they get a place in the EU framework Horizon 2020 where the competition for grant funds is fierce.

- If EBTPs technology field had not been watched the risk has been great that you suddenly discovered that no space given this area that we have worked with for a very long time. In the same way the creation of the STF and its focus areas that EBTP has gained support for it's efforts. Representation in the STF is also a receipt of it, he says.