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Photo: Karl William
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Anonymous donates one million to the organ

Published: 9 March 2016

A person who wishes to remain anonymous has donated one million crowns to the university's world-famous organ. The secret donor has made no demands on any quid pro quo, feedback or even invitations to various events organ.

- Yes, we have received one million crowns from an anonymous donor to give visibility to our organ and no, I do not know who the secret donor is. We are very happy and grateful for this donation. It's really great that there are people, that in this way make an effort to promote the culture and the university's efforts to contribute to the development of culture in Norrbotten and the whole country, says John Sterte, Vice- Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

The gigantic organ, owned by Luleå University of Technology, once consecrated by Benny Andersson will now once again be in the spotlight. The anonymous donation will be used for example to create concerts and initiate new research on the organ. Now the university can attract interesting international organists so that the organ is made visible in Norrbotten and other parts of the world.

Monica Johansson, Head of Department of Arts, Communication and Education, is both touched and excited about the secret donation. The organ Acusticum that is 10 meters wide, 9.5 meters high has 9000 pipes distributed in 140 meetings (which must be added 13 powerband), is described as an instrument where music from the past, present and future meet. This huge instrument has obviously a true friend somewhere out there, who have the ability and the willingness to invest in its future.

- This means that there are people around us who think that the university's organ is a very interesting instruments and understand its potential. We are very happy and grateful that this donation will allow us to develop the business with the organ, says Monica Johansson, Head of the Department of Arts, Communication and Education at Luleå University of Technology.