Jan Norman
Teacher of the Year 2012 at the Faculty of Philosophy at LTU, goes to Jan Norman. Photo: Melina Granberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Teacher of the year 2012 : "The lectures will be as aerobic classes

Published: 7 May 2012

Luleå Studentkår at Luleå University of Technology, each year is awarding a prize for the Teacher of the Year. This year the award goes to a teacher whose ambition are - enjoyable teaching and independent learners who dare to challenge the teacher in knowledge.

For the seventh consecutive year Luleå Student kår is awarding prize Teacher of the Year. A prize awarded to teachers by students in the Faculty of Philosophy meet the criteria - commendable deeds teacher, teaching skills and dedication to the students.

This year the choice was a very popular teacher, Jan Norman, Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Technology and Society.

- I am truly honored by this award and it means more than many might think, says a delighted Jan Norman.

What does the Year Teacher think about on his own teaching and the principles he follows? Jan Norman, who teaches Jurisprudence, where mediation and negotiation are his areas of expertise, has a clear thread running through his teaching with focus on - security, joy, intimacy and respect. He says that if you do not feel comfortable in class - with the subject, tutor and classmates, it is difficult to learn anything. He seeks simply, basic Maslow.

- Creation of "report", contact, to "bond" is necessary. No one should have to feel alone - because the work is done in groups, where you can get support and help others, says Jan Norman.

He also thinks that you should get help and support from your supervisor on short notice. Respect yourself and others in the classroom is central to him, whether it be abilities, limitations, deadlines, other people's time, values, gender issues, LGBT or otherwise. Facilitators and participants should be equals, with the opportunity to learn from each other alternately.

Likewise, the joy of a prerequisite for learning anything, believes Jan Norman. It should be playful and a lot of laughter in training.

- You should find it fun to get to class, the way you look forward to aerobics classes, to dance, be with others, learn something new and come out with a smile, says Jan Norman.

Moreover, he believes that students should be profit maximisers - not loss minimizeers and everyone's ambition must be to make at least 6-8 errors a day - the objective must be to achieve their incompetence level - otherwise, he or she has not tried.

- It's like weight training, it is only when it begins to hurt as you lift from one stage to another, says Jan Norman.

- The most important of course is not to be the best - without bothering the most, to be most active - it will be a struggle to answer questions and inform others what they know, or a struggle to get answers from others in such you do not understand, like Jan Norman.

He emphasizes that at Luleå University of Technology is an incredible number of more affordable Årers teacher and that one reason that he just won the award is in addition to the students themselves to the daily teaches him enormously, although all the staff around him.

The motivation of the students that Jan Norman receives the award Teacher of the Year  2012,:

"Jan Norman's main ambition is to teach the student to teach himself. January always put the students in the first place, his appearance and contribute greatly to that all students in the classroom feel welcome and involved in teaching.

Jan's courses are year after year, very appreciated by the students, thanks to the high quality, Jan's ability to listen to students and his ability to teach, which he places a great responsibility on the students, as he always is to provide support and guidance .

His vision is for students to become better than him in those areas he teaches and he does his utmost to students should have the opportunity to learn as much as possible. This makes him a worthy winner of Teacher of the Year 2012 ".

The prize is awarded at the party ice 26 May in Aula Aurora.