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This year's innovators increase safety and reduce human suffering

Published: 6 November 2019

The award Innovator of the Year for employees at Luleå University of Technology, has been awarded to robotics researcher George Nikolakopoulos, professor of regulatory technology. This year's innovator among students, was awarded Kristina Ulander at the nursing program.

George Nikolakopoulos, was awarded for his autonomous drones developed by the robotics group, for, among other things, a safer working environment in mines.

-The autonomous drones can increase the safety of those who work in mines by investigating if a certain area is safe enough for people to work in. It is so great that the robotics group at Luleå University of Technology has taken a leading position in this area, George Nikolakopoulos, says

Kristina Ulander's innovation, a motion-recording mattress, is based on sensors recording the patient's pressure and movements when lying in bed, so that healthcare professionals can read data to see if there is a risk of pressure sores.

-This can prevent human suffering and reduce the cost of care. It feels fantastic to get this award, great fun, Kristina Ulander, says.

Award winners received a check of SEK 10,000 each from Nordea's Norrlands Foundation. The main purpose of the foundation is to promote scientific research and development work in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrlands, Jämtlands and Gävleborg counties.

Innovator of the Year George Nikolakopoulos, Jury's Motivation: "George has with great commitment driven research from idea to unique, world-class product. A scalable product with a broad application area that improves the work environment at risky moments. . As the leader of his research group, George cultivates an entrepreneurial culture that inspires new innovations. "
This year's Innovator, Kristina Ulander, the jury's motivation: "Kristina has shown creative thinking in combination with entrepreneurship which has led to a product that helps prevent a major problem in healthcare. By combining new technology with health science knowledge she has developed a solution which reduces patients' suffering, promotes healthcare and reduces healthcare costs. Her solution has the potential to noticeably improve the care and care of the future. "

Luleå University of Technology also awarded the Alumni of the Year Award to Philip Engström, Important Looking Pirates and to Liv Sandberg, Facebook Head of Agency in Sweden and the Cooperation Award of the Year to Anita Lindfors, Norrbotten's municipalities.

This year's Cooperation Award, Anita Lindfors, Norrbotten's Municipalities, the jury's motivation: "Anita Lindfors has worked with regional development at both municipal and regional level. With her extensive knowledge of what creates growth in combination with her strategic ability, she has been most involved in creating synergies between business and academia. Anita often emphasizes the importance of using Luleå University of Technology as a growth engine and has been a driving force in the business manager group to find models to increase collaboration between Luleå University of Technology and the companies. "

Head of Professional Services, Staffan Sarbäck was also awarded  for his work to value the importance of alumni for  the university and Josefine Åhl, CEO of InTime for her efforts as a mentor. The award for the Alumni of the Year was also awarded to Liv Sandberg, Head of Agency at Facebook in Sweden. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend the awards ceremony, but participated via link but will visit Luleå University of Technology and give a lecture.