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Luleå University of Technology has developed a mobile application for operators

Downtime can be prevented with mobile app

Published: 18 September 2014

Luleå University of Technology has developed the app QuickTag that allows the operator at Aitik to be able to throw away their old checklists and binders. Recently a test was performed where operators did their supervision, paperless, with only a mobile in his hand held over a "tag" on the machine.

In the concentrator at Aitik production this year will be up in the 36 million tons of gold, copper and silver. It is a production increase of fifty per cent in the space of four years. In the new concentrator, whose surface is larger than the Globe,  the oversight of the machines needs to become more efficient. Instead of operators carries checklists on paper, and sometimes have to go through the entire piece of writing an order of acction on the computer in the control room, that information should npow be given and printed on the spot. The operator will also be able to take a picture with a cell phone on a faulty machine and thus make reports more descriptive.

– Each item in the concentrator will be able to have its own RFID tag. When the operator keeps his mobile from a specific object's RFID tag, the operator can easily get information on the electrical drawings and 3D drawings on how precisely the current object looks and behaves. You can also read the comments that previous operators have entered the machine's health, says Camilla Grane.

Fewer disaster rescues

This makes it easier to work proactively and it becomes less expensive "disaster rescues" in production. The reporting rate is likely to increase and it will become easier for operators to survey, analyze and anticipate problems.

– It could be minutes in this kind of industry when it comes to quickly remedy the problem, downtime becomes quickly very costly, says Camilla Grane.

On the concentrator at Aitik responsible and positive operators to the mobile app for supervision:

aitik app
Mobile app can reduce costly downtime

– It makes it easier to track errors so that we can ensure quality in production and get a better reporting system. Earlier the operator would complete a checklist on paper that he carried with him, get to the control room, click forward on the computer and fill out a report. It is better to write the report on the spot where one also sees the fault, says Martin Sandin, Mill Manager at Aitik.

The development of this specific app is part of the joint "Forward-operator 'which is a collaboration between Swedish industry, Chalmers University and Luleå University of Technology, in order to make general improvements for operators in Swedish industry, by developing apps for mobile.

The specific app QuickTag have Luleå University developed together with Boliden Aitik and Sogeti.

- We want to develop modern communication technologies (ICT) for future operators that better utilizes their skills and thereby increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry, says Camilla Grane.

Camilla Grane

Camilla Grane, Senior Lecturer

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