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Benny Andersson
Benny Andersson and Daniel Örtqvist that are working together with a brand new course in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship in good company

Published: 18 February 2014

A new course in entrepreneurship, in a new form with a new mindset. Via entirely web-based distance learning, students will be inspired by renowned entrepreneurs such as LTU's honorary doctors Benny Andersson and Yngve Bergqvist and Maud Spencer, Svalson.

Entrepreneurship courses have been offered at Luleå University of Technology for a long time but new times come with new demands.

- We have previously driven entrepreneurship courses via distance platforms but lacked the ability to fully inspire and enthuse via pre-recorded lectures. The format of this course is brand new and with these great names the course will be almost unique, says Daniel Örtqvist, professor at Luleå University of Technology.

Yngve Bergqvist
Yngve Bergqvist, an honorary doctorate at the university, founder and owner of Icehotel AB.

As a guest lecturer we have; Benny Andersson, a world famous musician and also an honorary doctorate at the university, Fredrik Högberg, founder of More media, Yngve Bergqvist, an honorary doctorate at the university, founder and owner of Icehotel AB, Majvor Muller, entrepreneur, CEO and one of the owners of Friskolan Norrland entrepreneurial school, Li Skarin, CEO of Mass Media AB, and Maud Spencer, CEO of Svalson.

- The course is structured in blocks that include the business idea, market planning, strategic planning, financial planning, operational planning, and the company's inception. Each block then contains a number of modules where each module, which deals with various aspects of the business planning process. The parts will begin with a reading guide and a podcast and is followed by reference material consisting of literature references, exercises and inspiring video interviews. Each module concludes with an examination. It's not just a new format, it is a new way of looking at student learning where their own engagement becomes even more important, says Daniel Örtqvist.