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IVAs 100 lista
Researchers at Luleå University of Technology on IVA's 100 list Vinit Parida, David Sjödin, Kerstin Ramser, Mikael Sjödahl and George Nikolakopoulos. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Researchers are highlighted on the IVA's 100 list

Published: 19 March 2019

This year, IVA celebrates a hundred years as a bridge builder and influencer of social development. In connection with this, an IVAs100 list of research is presented that can form the basis of innovation in the form of new companies, new products and services, business development or other benefits.

On IVA's 100th list, there are five researchers from Luleå University of Technology with, namely, Kerstin Ramser, professor of Experimental Mechanics and Mikael Sjödahl, professor of Experimental Mechanics, George Nikolakopoulos, professor of Robotics, Vinit Parida, professor of entrepreneurship and Innovation and David Sjödin, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and David Sjödin, Associate professor of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Digitization as this year's theme digitization

Each year, IVA will publish a new 100 list to highlight research with potential. This year, the theme is digitization. IVA's 100 list is divided into categories within the theme of digitalisation smart Industry, society and welfare, infrastructure, smart products and services and business models and interconnected value chains.

The purpose of the IVA's 100 list is to highlight researchers and research teams that show their research in order to achieve increased contacts with companies and the surrounding society. The selection of researchers and research teams is therefore not only based on the scientific excellence, but is judged primarily by the fact that their research has a potential for business development and innovation and thereby can benefit users, companies and society, but high scientific quality is a basic requirement.

Researchprojects at Luleå University of Technology

At Luleå University of Technology, the following researchers and research are selected for the 100 list: InFeRa (Kerstin Ramser, Mikael Sjödahl) - a new 3D imaging method that provides spatial, mechanical and subject-specific information. There is a great need for three-dimensional subject-specific images taken directly in noisy environments to understand how and why specific substances are formed or affect material properties. To enable this, the researchers develop an imaging methodology - InFeRa - with many application areas where spatially coherent InterFerometric (InFe) imaging that provides information on structure is combined with stimulated Raman scattering (Ra) which exhibits biochemical processes. Read more about their project:

Collaborative Autonomous Aerial Inspection of Infrastructure (George Nikolakopoulos). The research project was aiming to create a fleet of autonomous drones for the cooperative aerial inspection of the aging infrastructure. The project has successfully demonstrated the unique innovation by performing a cooperative aerial inspection of a wind turbine belonging to Skellefteå Kraft.More about the project:

DigIn - Digital Innovation of Business Models (Vinit Parida, David Sjödin) To ensure competitiveness, the Swedish industry is forced to innovate its business models through digitization. Yet most companies lack the knowledge of designing and implementing business models together with ecosystem partners. The researchers' vision is to address this societal challenge through the development, implementation and dissemination of business model innovation methods, while at the same time increasing abilities and supporting the commercialization of digital business models in global industrial ecosystems. Read more: