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Photo: Aitik mine in Norrbotten
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LTU becomes the center of Nordic Mining Research

Published: 31 October 2012

Luleå University of Technology (LTU), is assigned to coordinate mining research in the Nordic countries in the project NordMin. Nordic Council of Ministers is investing almost 35 million over three years to the project, which will have a green profile to create a sustainable mining industry in the Nordic countries and Europe.

Photo: Pär Weihed, Professor of ore geology at LTU
Pär Weihed, Professor of ore geology at Luleå University

- That we have been given the task of coordinating NordMin clearly shows that LTU is the university that is a leader in Europe in the field of mining research, says Pär Weihed Professor of Ore Geology at Luleå University of Technology.

With excellence center CAMM at Luleå University of Technology as the basis of the Swedish Government's strategic investment in mining research, LTU has created a unique position in the field. EU's major project ProMine is another example where Professor Pär Weihed and LTU have a key role to, by the research, secure Europe's future supply of raw materials. To this can now be added Nordic Council of Ministers decision to support coordinated Nordic mining research in network NordMin. That is some examples that show that Luleå University of Technology has a unique expertise in the field.

Network NordMin, to be led and coordinated by Luleå University of Technology, begins its work in spring 2013. In addition to the universities in the Nordic countries, the network NordMin also consists of mining-related companies, governments and regions. NordMin rests on the EU's raw materials initiative with a focus on primary needs identified in 2020. The Nordic economies are heavily dependent on the mining industry as the countries together also is the largest metal producing region in Europe. The research to be coordinated within NordMin will involve everything from exploration and mining to steel and smelting, as well as recruiting and the environment.

- There is now a good opportunity for Nordic cooperation in the mining and minerals sector because of the large investments made in research in this area in all the participating Nordic countries, says Pär Weihed.