Ulrika Bergmark och Caterine Kostenius
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Meetings we remember makes school better

Published: 20 November 2013

Scientists Catrine Kostenius and Ulrika Bergmark at Luleå University focus on positive things at school and collect stories about school that had an impact on students, teachers or parents life.

Measurements of performance and knowledge of subjects, such as mathematics or Swedish, often leads to negative criticism of school activities. Scientists Catrine Kostenius and Ulrika Bergmark choose to focus on core values ​​of the school, such as relationships between teachers and students.

- Via a website can all of you who has a story related to school  feel free to go in and write it down, says the researchers. It can relate to school events that affected your life both when it happened or t later in life. After analyzing the stories, we hope to see broader patterns that can be applied in every day life at school in order  to reinforce the good of the school.

Catrine Kostenius and Ulrika Bergmark is performing research in the field of health promotion and education. With a focus on core values ​​as democracy, ethicsl and meaningful experiences of school, they want to create a counterweight to the measurements that largely controls the work in school.

Both Ulrika Bergmark and Catrine Kostenius have studied relationships relevant to pupils' learning and health in previous research.  the research project on  meetings in schools is being conducted in collaboration with National Federation of Teachers, Teachers' Union and the Swedish municipalities and county councils.

 Write your own story down