PhD Juwel Rana has improved ability to effective group communication in social media. Photo Peter Olofsson

New efficient solution in social media

Being able to improve group communication is the challenge of a new doctoral thesis at Luleå University of Technology. How to communicate in e.g Social media is useful for specific groups to share information in a good way. The thesis describes sophisticated solutions (framework) with which you can customize the appropriate tools.

Juwel Rana, PhD LTU
Juwel Rana, PhD Luleå University of Technology

- The framework I have constructed is an effective way to reduce the problem of dealing with too much information and to make it possible to automate the processes of electronic group communication, says PhD Juwel Rana at Luleå University of Technology.

In his research, he has faced several major challenges, such as how to handle a large amount of information, how to protect privacy and how to handle various social situations using multiple virtual and physical data sources. The challenge is to improve group communication.

The dissertation presents a framework for complex social graphs with which one can calculate the strength of the social communication between people. The framework is based on a single model with which it is possible to capture and collate information from different kinds of communication services, from social networking to mobile phones and e-mail. The thesis presents and evaluate two algorithms for how to calculate and present the social strength. In order to rank, filter and recommend the best way, consideration is given to tags, places and objects.

- Ranking of social contacts can be used eg to automatically suggest appropriate groupings, from which it is possible to dynamically create and customize the appropriate tools for communication, says Juwel Rana

In his research, he has also developed solutions for controlled dissemination of information, that minimize the risk of spam e-mail and SMS, eg unwanted advertising.