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New step for ambitious research school

Published: 20 January 2014

Industrial demand makes a popular research school opens its doors to more universities in the country and in addition with the ambition to become international. School, coordinated by Luleå University of Technology, is part of the strategic research project Bio4Energy and is linked to pilot plants for green fuels.

Professor Ulrika Rova at LTU
Professor Ulrika Rova at Luleå University of Technology is the one who coordinates the research school within Bio4Energy.

- There is no other course in Sweden that highlights the activities of the pilot plants. We will open it now to at least two more participants from other national universitys, says research school coordinator Ulrika Rova, a professor at Luleå University of Technology.

After research school's first course in 2013, "Biorefinery Pilot Research" it has been evaluated by students, teachers and other actors which made it clear that it is ready to open up to more universities. It is also in line with increased demand from industry for more people with the right skills in the field. The school's courses are highly linked to pilot plants along the coast of Norrland, where technologies for the production of biofuels is tested. The focus is, among other things, to provide students with knowledge of sustainable systems of energy and biorefining. In 2014, it's time for step two in the development of research school.

- We offer two unique courses that reflect the research environment in Bio4Energy. In addition to techniques for biorefineries includes system analysis in course two, says Ulrika Rova.

"System Perspective on Bioresources" is the name of the new course, which also that will be included in the government-designated strategic research project Bio4Energy. The research school is an important step in the project, which has a national mandate to provide technology to produce liquid fuels, LTU's Vice Chancellor points out, who is a member of the project steering board.

- We will cover the rest of the country in the first stage which is national, which in turn is a step towards building up a graduate school that can become international, says John Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

Apart from Luleå University of Technology it also includes Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Bio4Energy, as well as the research institutes Innventia, Energy Technology Centre (ETC) and Processum.