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Open house one of the highlights of the year

Published: 10 October 2018

How is it to study at Luleå University of Technology? That was aquestion, that 1,600 high school students, students in adult education and newly arrived, had the chance to know more about when the university held open houses.

The program offered many different  lectures.
–Warmly welcome to Open house at Luleå University of Technology! It's fun to see so many young people here today. It's an exciting time you face when choosing education after gymnasium. We at Luleå University of Technology are known for proximity between students and between teachers and students. If you have a question you need help with, just ask a teacher.
–There are also few universities in Sweden that have as close cooperation with employers as we have. During the study period, students begin to connect and prepare for their profession together with employeers, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, said.
Very important day
During the annual recurring Open House at Luleå University of Technology, all interested will be able to visit the university during a day and meet researchers, students and teachers and learn more about education, student life and research.
–This is a great opportunity for us to show Luleå University of Technology for potential students, our educations and our nice atmosphere, Angelica Rojas, said, Project Manage of Open House.
Over 100 people, students, student ambassadors and university staff were directly involved during the day.
Visitors colud, among other things, try out exciting activities such as challenging the fire engineer's time of excitement, air motor race on the technology track and bridge building.
–What is the transition like from  gymnasium to university in Norrbotten? We want the number of people who choose to continue on university to increase and of course Luleå University of Technology would like to take part of that increase, Pär Weihed, said.