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Photo: Katarina Karlsson
Sture Kuusisalo, the University's teaching prize, Marianne Sirkka Scholarship in memory of Elisabeth Holmgren and Jan Norman, educational price Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Praised for their fine efforts

Published: 9 November 2016

It was a nice award ceremony at the House of Science, when Luleå University of Technology's educational award winners were presented and when the County Council handed out the scholarship in memory of county director Elisabeth Holmgren.

Sture Kuusisalo, Lecturer at Department of Arts, Communication and Education, Communication and Jan Norman, a lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, were each of them received the educational price "Prestigious efforts for the benefit of education at undergraduate and graduate level." Marianne Sirkka, a doctoral student in Health Sciences was awarded the Scholarship in memory of Elisabeth Holmgren. As the Vice-Chaxcellor Johan Sterte, distributed the educational prices, he talked about the importance of education in a democratic society.

–The basis for the development of society and the future is knowledge, skills, critical and creative thinking, and it comes with education. There we have as a university an important task. We have many teachers who are engage in training and some stand out more than others, two such people we have here today, said Johan Sterte.

Sture Kuusisalo:

- It's incredible honor to receive this kind of price. Thank you who have nominated me. You have to be purposeful when developing training programs but you must not only look forward but also backward and see what you actually have been developing. It has been very useful to be able to receive training via the HPC, Higher Pedagogical Centre, said Sture Kuusisalo.

Sture Kuusisalo received the award for him inter alia "... with tireless enthusiasm and encouragement has been able to lead the teachers in an extensive change process in terms of education. Both dance and music teacher education and graduate programs in Kuusisalos leadership has been renewed and modernized in a way where Luleå University of Technoloy´s pedagogical idea always stood in the center, not least when it comes to student involvement and independence. Kuusisalo is the one who initiated the most quality improvement processes in training at the department of music and dance in recent years. He has appointed teachers of staff to specifically look at the music teacher education, which has resulted in a variety of proposals processed among teachers which then led to changes in the curriculum and staffing.

Jan Norman:

-– Thank you for this great prize, I feel very proud of it, and over the fine job I've had in several years here at the university, said Jan Norman.

Jan Norman "has for many years built up courses in the areas of negotiation and mediation, and has become a Sweden Authority in these areas. Norman is a frequent lecturer at Swedish universities and has published textbooks in the example, mediation area. Negotiation and mediation is largely alternative conflict resolution methods, which requires that students, for example through role-playing exercise in applying the knowledge. Norman are devoted create a good learning environment. The students get to know each other and the teachers of the course have to create the necessary trust, that role-playing games require ...

Marianne Sirkka:

– I feel very happy and honored and think of everyone who participated in my research. It is really important to cooperate between colleagues, professions, academia and practices regarding evidence-based care, said Marianne Sirkka.

Marianne Sirkka, PhD in Health Sciences receives the scholarship among other things, that in her research studied two long-term improvement in the Norrbotten County Council. The research revealed a strategic leadership and a single-minded pursuit of a common culture conditions for sustainable improvement. The success factors were clear procedures for dealing with professional knowledge, an integrated structure for improvement, a reflective attitude and a clearly designated function with the mission to facilitate. The research project was conducted in collaboration between the County Council of Norrbotten and Luleå University of Technology.