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Award ceremony for knowledge development and education 2018

Published: 8 November 2018

During the Luleå University of Technology award ceremony on 8 November, people who, in various ways, promoted knowledge development, education and education at the university in various ways, a celebrated prize awarded each year. In addition, fine fellowships were distributed, for instance in cooperation with Region Norrbotten.

Luleå University of Technology's prizes for special efforts for the benefit of primary and secondary education are awarded this year Gabriel Sas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering and Eva Fjällström, PhD student at the Department of Arts, Communication and Education.

The motivations for the awards

The motivations were as follows: "Gabriel Sas has passion and dedication to teaching, with a thoughtful pedagogical approach focused on students' learning. He has continuously tried to engage other teachers to be interested in educational issues. He has specifically stated that we should facilitate the students to gain profound knowledge to become self-confident and responsible engineers. Gabriel Sas presents initiatives that are very valuable and relate well to the university's educational idea, such as quizzes for the students self-evaluation of their level of knowledge. He also works actively with course development in the courses for which he is responsible. For example, in the course of Concrete constructions, he has introduced part assignments and weekly submissions to stimulate the students and even smooth their workload in the course."
"Eva Fjällström continuously works with the development of teaching. In her subject teacher education, she has collaborated with another PhD student to develop two courses in a more coherent whole for the students. The students have acted as teacher and thus assisted in all parts of the teaching: planning, implementation and evaluation. The students have experienced this as very positive and rewarding, as they have seen a direct link to the upcoming profession and their results also been better than when the course was given in previous years. Through their own experience as high school teachers, but also via various collaborative projects, across institutional and faculty boundaries, Eva Fjällström has developed a comprehensive network of teachers in the business, which links university and school."

Scholarship in memory of Elisabeth Holmgren

Region Norrbotten shared with the university an annual scholarship to commemorate the former county council director Elisabeth Holmgren. The scholarship was awarded  Alexandra Olofsson, researcher in Occupational therapy at Luleå University of Technology, who, through her research, increased the opportunities for stroke-injured adults to participate in activities outside the home.
The purpose of Rune and Märta Ströms Foundation is to encourage students from Norrbotten to achieve good performance in the studies. The scholarships were awarded this year to Erika Möller, student of Industrial Design Engineering, Annika Pekkari, Bachelor Programme in Sociology and Jennifer Mohss, Bachelor Programme in Psychology.