Jurisprudence get good grades

Published: 5 September 2012

LTU courses in Law are of high quality. This announcement is given by Swedish national Agency for higher Education

Swedish national Agency for higher Education (HSV) has evaluated all courses leading to degree and nearby main areas of law, a total of 32 courses. The majority, 18 courses, is graded "high quality". Eight courses are deemed to have "very high quality", while six courses is graded "poor quality".

Luleå University of Technology receive high quality of its courses in Jurisprudence.

- The high quality is due to a continuous effort to develop the quality of programs and courses and skills development LTU chosen to do. The result of this work is that LTU today has a very high level of expertise within the jurisprudential topic, says Mats Jakobsson, education director of the social science programs at ETS at Luleå University of Technology.

He points out that ETS also has increased employment in the extension programs.

- This means that the LTU's jurisprudential students are well prepared and attractive on the job market, says Mats Jakobsson.