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SKF- LTU University Technology Center is inagurated

Published: 12 April 2012

LTU-SKF University Technology Centre (UTC) at Luleå University is inaugurated. It is the fifth SKF University Technology Centre in the world, an exclusive group which, among others, University of Cambridge belongs. The multinational industrial company SKF has hopes for revolutionary research results with the new research collaboration SKF LTU.

– I am very proud that we establish ourselves here in Luleå. Through the Research Centre at LTU, we get to the next level and help our customers be even more successful and productive. I have a firm conviction that the cooperation will lead to new breakthroughs. This is a special day for LTU and SKF, said Tom Johnstone, CEO of SKF.

There was a merry mood during the inauguration of the Research Centre SKF LTU University Technology Center at the Luleå University of Technology. Meanwhile, the full focus was on the new long term collaboration and the positive implications and the opportunities it will provide LTU, SKF and industry. In his inaugural speech stressed Tom Johnstone, that the choice of LTU was a strategic decision for the future of SKF, focusing on development and customer satisfaction.

– I see a win-win-win situation, for LTU, SKF and SKF's customers. LTU's education, knowledge and research, the proactive attitude and the work closely with industry, combined with our group of SKF will take us to new levels, said Tom Johnstone.

Vice Chancellor Johan Sterte described the inauguration of the SKF-LTU University Technology Centre, as a historic event. Thus he gave his view of its importance to Luleå University of Technology, which has a long tradition of researchers working closely with industry to provide solutions and do some good.

– When a multinational company like SKF, which is at the forefront of technological development, choose our university as one of the few partners in the world, it provides a reliable quality mark of the university. I am very proud that SKF has chosen LTU for their cooperation. I know that the expectations of SKF-LTU is high - and we will do our best to live up to them, said Johan Sterte.

The idea of ​​SKF-LTU University Technology Centre is to develop advanced concepts for condition monitoring and control of production equipment. Brian Murray, Director of Research and Development at SKF, said that one of the visions SKF has with the establishment of SKF-LTU University Technology Center, is the "thinking machine". Bearing and system should then move from being passive to being active and independent. This is so the machine can fix itself during operation, thereby preventing costly downtime.

– We chose LTU for its mix of technical knowledge, good cooperation between different research areas, its close links to powerful industries and good international contacts, said Brian Murray.