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Scholarship for History Professor Lars Elenius

Published: 20 November 2018

Professor Lars Elenius, Luleå University of Technology, has received a scholarship of SEK 30,000 from Lars Salvisföreningen, for example, his outstanding history research on national minorities.

Lars Elenius receives the scholarship based on his versatile work in the interface between art, journalism and science, which has been ongoing since the 1980s, with a focus on academic work in the past twenty-five years. Lars Elenius has combined a pedagogical and didactic work with the research.

For the printed academic production there are three areas as a red thread. One is education history and history didactics, an area in which Lars Elenius is a professor at Umeå University and at Luleå University of Technology. He has developed models for how education for minorities can be regarded as national metasystems and has made international comparisons in the area.

The second is the national minorities' history in terms of minority policy, ethnic policy and historical use. Here, a new effort has been made in research and education for the national minorities, especially the Sami, the Tower demolition and the Swedes. It has given voice to marginalized groups.

The third is the history of northern Europe and the periphery. An overall work in this area is the project and the network "History Book and Encyclopedia of the Barent Region", which began in 2002 and ended in 2016.

In 2002, Lars Elenius initiated a collaboration between historians in northernern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and developed a network of academics at the universities of the region. Within this network, 27 historians from the four countries wrote a history of the history of suburban Europe as a transnational and transregional historical writing. Lars Elenius was the main editor and co-authors. In parallel with this, an encyclopedia of the Barents region was produced in two bands with contributions from over 300 researchers throughout the region. The history book and the encyclopedia have contradicted nationalist historical writing and specifically integrated different minorities in historical writing. The three books can be seen as a knowledge of Northern Europe's history and community development.

Lars Salviusföreningen was formed by the Swedish Authors' Association, Svenska Förläggerföreningen and Sveriges Tidskrifter. It annually distributes scholarships to authors and publishers whose works are used at colleges and universities.

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