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Perspective against the planned new student accommodation where some 50 ones are so called småor. Source Nordmark & ​​Nordmark architects

Students' ideas into new accommodation

Published: 25 February 2015

"SMÅA" a new type of student apartment is called, developed by the construction company Lindbäcks but whose basic idea comes from students at Luleå University of Technology. Småorna is included in the construction project of 280 new undergraduate and postgraduate apartments. Construction will soon start on campus as the land issue now has been resolved.

Michael Thorgren, Lindbäcks construction AB
Michael Thorgren, Business Area Manager at Lindbäcks construction AB. Photo Niclas Albinsson

- Småorna is actually developed by the students themselves in that the idea is based on some student projects at Luleå University of Technology. Many of the solutions in our new student apartments at 16 square meters is built on ideas that students have developed in the projects, says Mikael Thorgren, head of northern Sweden whitin Lindbäcks construction AB.

Lindbäcks has a longstanding partnership with Luleå University of Technology, both in construction research and education. Development of småorna is a result of that cooperation by being able to transfer students' own preferences in a sharp construction solution. Two groups of students who studied civil engineering architecture implemented in 2013 projects on "compact living". One of the proposals gave Lindbäcks ideas with the opportunity to develop two small apartments in the same module, which is realized in the new building project.

- This is exactly how we want the relationship between industry and university to work. Here we see a typical example of collaboration in both education and research, which Lindbäcks is an example on where we can show that our training is of high quality and our graduates are highly valued, says John Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

SmåA seen from above
SmåA seen from above. Source Nordmark & ​​Nordmark architects.

New rules have made it possible to build apartments at 16 square meters. In a first test 50 småor is built with two such in the same module. It takes place in Lindbäcks factory from which småorna comes complete with furniture and everything. The solution with two småor in the same module is also expected to provide low-income housing.

- Now that we build this industrially we get an incredible power of it and our ambition is that rents should be under 3000 SEK per month, maybe 2900 or something like that, says Mikael Thorgren.

Build venture with 280 new graduate and student apartments at Luleå University of Technology, includes both apartments with one room, two rooms and three rooms. Most of them is one room on 24 squaremeters. As early as during the autumn of 2015 land and foundation work is expected to start and a gradual occupancy is expected to start during the autum 2016.

Helena Lidelöw

Lidelöw, Helena - Associate Professor

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