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Top class - LTU Big Air 2016

Published: 14 February 2016

The 3000 in the audience at LTU Big Air 2016 at Luleå University of Technology, could be happy they came. Everyone was excited, the snow shone white against the dark night sky and truckers offered really smart, sophisticated tricks.

In judgments booth on Saturday night, sat two two former top skiers, in snowboard and alpine skiing who belonged to the best in the world, legends Ronnie Andersson and Ingemar Backman. With well-trained scrutinizing gaze, tehy followed the riders when they took the statement from the 18-meter high ramp, built up in the middle of campus.

- The riders are good class, when the nervousness of many released after the first run, we see cleaner and finer tricks, said Ronnie Andersson.

Around the contestants who threw themselves done from the ramp, it was such a pulse throughout the evening, with a powered speaker that quickly and easily explained riders' tricks and that even presented them in a personal way before they went down the hill, good music and all this - right on campus. The contest was broadcast and could be followed on the web all night.

The competitors often really maximized the possibility of his jump from the 18 meter high ramp in terms of height, length, style and difficulty. There were small margins that finally decided the winners of the different classes and deliberation between the judges dragged on, and so increased the tension of the athletes.

In men snowboarders Micael Lundmark, won with his frontside 720 lien, second place was Dennis Viklund with his backside 540 and third place Jens Hietala, came with his cab 540. In the Ladies Alpine Ida Sivander won, with her 540 and second place was Nicole Lejdeby with her 360. Men alpine Jonas Ruthenberg won, with his cab 900, runner-up Erik Lundmark with his cab 900 and the third came Konrad Lundqvist with his cab 900. Price for best crash were André Lindberg for a frontside 900. Simon Bäckman got the prize for best Sickbird (sickest trick) when he tried one 540 Misty Daffy.

Between the trials and finals, the audience could watch were a venturous fire show as well as colorful fireworks.

The weather was ideal, just - 1 degree, no wind to speak of, but the snowfall for the finale made it somewhat more difficult for the skiers. The audience very much enjoyed the evening and during the breaks you could buy coffee or some barbecue. Whoever the unlikely felt frozen could always warm by the campfire and take the opportunity to nostalgically grill your own sausage or marschmallow, on a hand carved pin, for the cost of just 10 swedish crones.

The organizers of the LTU Big Air, the students' own arrangements, were incredibly pleased with the evening. It was great to see the big smiles they went about among the people of the area, one was probably the happiest of all:

- It has been a real great eveningl. I'm so sick proud of everyone who helped to organize this evening and glad that there are so many people here and watching, Jacob said Eriksson, project manager for LTU Big Air.