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Three new honorary doctors at Luleå University of Technology

Published: 29 June 2023

Alice Kempe, Jan Moström and Staffan Göthe are appointed honorary doctors 2023 at Luleå University of Technology.

Alice Kempe, Chair at Kempestiftelserna, has been appointed an Honorary Doctor of Technology on the grounds that she "has shown great commitment and is of great importance to the university's cooperation with the surrounding society and the business community, especially in the area of wood technology."

"It is for me very gratifying and honoring to be appointed Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology. Through the Kempe Foundations, it is possible to support cutting-edge research through equipment and scholarships. At Luleå University of Technology there are several unique research environments that are exciting, including taking advantage of our fantastic raw material wood in the best way," says Alice Kempe. 

Jan Moström, President and CEO at LKAB, former mining manager and business area manager at Boliden, receives an Honorary Doctor in Technology on the grounds that he "has set farsighted and important goals for the green transition and initiated a long-term collaboration with Luleå University of Technology. He deservedly leads our largest mining company in a forward-looking and successful way. He has initiated carbon-free production of iron and is working on reusing previously rated waste products to extract rare earth metals.”

"I am deeply honored and happy to have been awarded the Honorary Doctorate and want to share it with everyone who has been involved over the years," says Jan Moström.

Staffan Göthe, actor, playwright, and director, receives an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy “through his significant efforts as an actor, playwright and director has contributed to developing the performing arts in Sweden and Norrbotten". Today, Göthe is considered one of Sweden’s leading and most acted playwrights.

"In recent years, I have been spoiled with many fine awards, but there is probably nothing that has made me as proud as being named an Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology. The feelings are particularly strong because of my connection to Luleå and Norrbotten, where I grew up," says Staffan Göthe.

The author and historian Peter Englund was appointed an Honorary Doctor of Technology in 2022 with the motivation that he "for his contributions as an historian with an extensive production of popular-historical literature that combines historical-scientific stringency and an absorbing narrative in an unparalleled way". Peter will be conferred the title with the 2023 honorary doctorates as he did not have the opportunity to participate the previous year.

The title of honorary doctors will be conferred upon Alice Kempe, Jan Moström, Staffan Göthe and Peter Englund at the Academic ceremony at Luleå University of Technology, in November 2023. Complete motivations of the appointments of the new Honorary Doctors, see below.