Photographer: Maria Groth
Johanna Falkenström, a student in Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, won two Gold medals in Swedish Championship in arm wrestling in 2017. Photographer: Maria Groth

Two national championships in arm wrestling

Johanna Falkenström, a student in Master of Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, won two gold medals in the Swedish championship in arm wrestling in 2017. The competitions were held last weekend in Örnsköldsvik.

– This was very unexpected for me, but once I was there, the competition went very well. It feels incredibly awesome, says a very happy Johanna Falkenström.

When we're takinga photo of the double SM-winner outdoors this sunny winterspring day, at onceshe recieves congratulations from students passing by. She has recieved many congratulations the last few days. Ans if it was relatively common before that people asked if they could measure themselves against Johanna Fjällström in arm wrestling, it occures more frequently these days. But Johanna falkenström is strong, so anyone trying to, gets tough opposition.

A real competition in arm wrestling, requires to a real armwrestling table and frankly, Johanna Falkenström just do arm wrestling when it really is proper training or match. A game of arm wrestling is determined in seconds. It is the adjust- ment of the positions before the game that takes time.

– Of course, you get tired during a match, it is full explosiveness, says Johanna Fjällström.

Championship winner in arm wrestling challenge Vice-Chancellor Johan Sterte

Photographer: Maria Groth
Photographer: Maria Groth

Two years ago Johanna Falkenström coming from Taby, Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineeringat at Luleå University of Technology. Before, she had done arm wrestling, more than challenges between friends. But then, she received information of Arm wrestling section at LTU. She went on a workout, and she was hooked.

– What is so exciting about wrestling is that it's so much about technique. Every time you meet a new opponent, new techniques are being tested, as well as new muscles, she says.

The training in armwrestling is to exercise together. This applies to hone their technique and extercise with various people. No game is ever the same. In addition, many do strength training - and fitness.

– Now I go for European Championships in May in Poland, I have qualified there,  but unfortunately that's just the exam period. I really enjoy to be a student at the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineeringat in Luleå, but sometimes it is on the course very intensively studying, she says.

The Swedish championship in wrestling this year had 230 participants.  Johanna Falkenström, competed in the senior ladies 80 kilos and took home the gold in both the left and right arm.

Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering





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Published: 16 March 2017

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