Maintenance in focus - International Conference MPMM 2011

Strategies and intelligent systems to assist companies to take control of expensive maintenance costs, are discussed by international companies and researchers who visit the LTU and Conference Maintenance Performance Measurement Management.

Expanded opportunities for companies to review all aspects of the maintenance process and to develop strategies and new intelligent maintenance system to take control of maintenance costs - these are issues that are the focus of the conference is going on 13 - 15 December and is organized by the Division of Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics at Luleå University of Technology.

Today, there are difficulties in linking investments in maintenance of its financial performance. Clear strategies and legislation, based on a holistic view of the maintenance process, combined with the intelligent maintenance system, gives corporate management a tool to maximize the result of investments made to anticipate and prevent the need for maintenance.

Interest in controlling maintenance requirements and maintenance costs are high among companies. Maintenance is often a large part of a company's expenses. Clear policies governing the maintenance of the company to prioritize calls, in addition to economic considerations, although the data comes from the technical maintenance systems are analyzed and utilized in a maximum way.