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Photo: Rickard Hellqvist
Unique visit of 45 ambassadors at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Rickard Hellqvist View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Unique visit of 45 ambassadors

Published: 7 April 2016

On Tuesday Luleå University of Technology had a visit of 45 ambassadors, at the same time. Such an extensive visit has never happened before in the history of the university. The visit was a success and many contacts were made, even with students.

- The ambassadors for example wished to eat a "normal tray lunch" with the students or PhD Students from their respective countries, studying at Luleå University of Technology, so we arranged that, and it was a very nice lunch, said Erik Höglund, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

Many questions about the university's research

In Sweden, there are over 100 foreign embassies so the fact that 45 of them had their ambassadors in Norrbotten and at Luleå University of Technology at the same time, is certainly a moment to remember.

Every year, the State Department invites foreign ambassadors stationed in Stockholm to a visit somewhere in Sweden. This year they were invited to Norrbotten. The County Administrative Board was responsible for the program and the Governor Sven-Erik Österberg was hosting the visit. Luleå University of Technology was one of the places visited during the first day. The guests thought it was a very good start at their stay in Norrbotten.

Kosovos ambssad och student
Studenten Lumi Canhasi got to meet his compatriot Ambassador Mr. Ilir Dugolli, Kosovo.

One of the students at Luleå University of Technology who got to meet an ambassador from his homeland, was Lumi Canhasi. The meeting with Kosovo's Ambassador to Sweden, Mr. Ilir Dugolli became a memory for life.

- For me to meet our Ambassador in Sweden was a great pleasure. Till now, I did not have a chance to meet someone else from Kosovo who studies or lives here and the first person I met here who was born in Kosovo to be an Ambassador, was a unbelievable moment. He was very supportive and helpful. Meeting our Ambassador will motivate me to aim higher and succeed. Also, meeting other Ambassadors was a pleasure because we discussed about different topics, our life in Lulea and our experiences as students in Sweden. To host this kind of event was a really good experience I will never forget, says Lumi Canhasi, student in  Tribology, at Luleå University of Technology as a part of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme.

Erik Höglund was the university's representative speaking to the ambassadors about the university in general and about research and education. Research at the University aroused great interest and there were many questions from the ambassadors escpecially from Asia and Africa, on E-health, mining, construction and infrastructure.

- They were on the ball and had many good questions. I think they got the impression that it is dynamic and full of verve at Luleå University of Technology and in Norrbotten. This is a fantastic opportunity for the university to show what we can contribute with, in an international perspective, said Erik Höglund.

During the visit in Norrbotten the ambassadors will also visit Facebook's establishment in Lulea, World Heritage in Gammelstad, Ájttemuséet in Jokkmokk, Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi and LKAB in Kiruna.

As a thank you for the visit, Erik Höglund received a small package of Mozambique Ambassador Frances Rodriges.