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A delighted Professor Richard Gebart Luleå University of Technology, after key agreements signed. Photographer Thomas Bergman

The University takes over the facility for green fuels

Published: 6 February 2013

Luleå University of Technology's holding company take's over the company Chemrec in Piteå and its plant for gasification of green fuels. On Wednesday agreements was signed whereby LTU Holding is the new owner of the company and the facility. LTU Green Fuels will be the name of the new company, which also marks the start of extensive research into green fuels.

Jonas Rudberg, Chemrec, Thomas Nilsson, LTU Holding, Johan Sterte LTU
From left Jonas Rudberg, Chemrec AB, Thomas Nilsson, LTU Holding and Johan Sterte, Principal LTU

- The agreement is an important step to accelerate our research on green fuels and it feels really good, says Johan Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

The agreement means that Luleå University of Technology have access to one of the world's most advanced pilot plant for gasification of various bioproducts to syngas and green fuels. The activities taking place in the plant, such as the tests undertaken in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, where a number of lorries is tested with the "green" diesel Bio-DME will continue. The research will then be expanded with new materials and processes to produce green fuels.

It is a national facility where several research players can coexist. The focus of the large research effort that the agreements lay ground for is how to replace fossil oil with green fuels. The contracts also means that the Luleå University of Technology is entering a long-term partnership with Chemrec and also the renowned Danish company Haldor Topsö the world leader in catalytic processes. In addition there are a consortium being formed by both industrial and public actors.

- It is great to have this agreement settled and by that the focus can concentrate on research and getting full speed on the project, says Rikard Gebart professor of energy science at Luleå University of Technology and head of research in the new company, LTU Green Fuels .