Solemn Islossning for the students

Published: 20 January 2017

In mid-January was the annual Islossning held where students who graduated were thanked. A ceremony was held during daytime and in the evening was a banquet. During the event attended about 740 people.

Islossningen is a ceremony where students receive an LTU needle and diploma. Nursing students also get a brooch. During the ceremony also was scholarships and diplomas handed out for the best thesis.

Vice Principal Erik Höglund and Luleå Student Union´s Chairman Carl-Johan Granqvist made speeches and the women´s choir Embla provided the entertainment during the two ceremonies.

At the first ceremony was students from programmes for physiotherapists, economics, international economics and jurisprudence thanked.

During the second was students from programmes for nurses, radiographers, preschool teachers and complementary educational programme thanked.