Mini Course arouses interest in dance

Published: 4 April 2017

Sweden's first dance teacher education is given in the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology. Recently, two days of mini-courses targeted at high school students and others who have shown an interest in the profession was organized.

- The objective of these two days is that we will create interest so that more people will want to train as a dance teacher and they will study in Piteå. Here is the dance teacher education with the longest and the most experience and provides a degree of broader skills so that they can really meet the competition, says Cecilia Björklund-Dahlgren, senior lecturer at Luleå University.

Strong demand

For two days the invited guests attended workshops, meet with teachers and students as well as got acquainted with the university premises. Cecilia Björklund Dahlgren believe it is important to establish early contact with prospective students.

- In Sweden, there is a great demand for dance teachers and Piteå is a little north for those who are from the south. Therefore, it is important that those interested can visit us and meet teachers and students, says Cecilia Björklund Dahlgren-and continue.

- Dance Teacher training is something completely new, a whole new category of teachers, even. The program is a five-year training and if you are in your twenties five years a very long time so we have to really popularize our education and explain why you should become a dance teacher. We have had this type of courses in the past and it has been very successful.

Dance is an international language

One of the elements in the mini-courses were a Meeting of dance where relatively newly arrived students danced with student teachers and pupils from the majority society led by the flamenco dancer and dance teacher Tina Wezelius Grebacken. One initiative that is part of Dance and integration in school and college.

- Dance is an international language and we also want to show that dance teaching is not only to teach in an aesthetic program, but it is also to be able to reach out and work with dance for many audiences. Here on education, we call the methodology for dance teachers with broaden skills and it is a good way to profile the dance teacher training program - here you will get the methodology and didactics that give you the right tools to meet students from all parts of society.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Photo: Lars Andersson


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