Music education with close ties to the industry

Published: 22 March 2017

A new hearing based music education at Luleå University of Technology caters to musicians and bands who want to find their creative core through a mix of garage thinking and academic training. The program will have regular visits by established musicians and close cooperation with BD Pop.

- Here everyone who wants to find its expression, develop their songwriting, their band and their own artistry can learn the music industry's approach. We are looking especially for those who have not found any traditional music education that fits and you can apply even if you have no previous experience in music studies - the important thing is passion, says Erik Weissglas, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology and program manager for the new training that will be given in Piteå.

The program caters to aspiring musicians, but also existing bands and will launch in the autumn of 2017. Ear-based form of education means that students do not need to know music theory or notes before starting their studies.

- The focus is instead on creative processes and to find himself and his own way of working, says Erik Weissglas.

Collaboration with BD Pop

BD Pop, based in  Luleå, is a local developer of popular music with a mission to support regional artists and music productions. This fall they enter as a partner to the new program at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology.

- We will jointly organize lectures and students will be able to get help from BD Pop in areas such gigs. BD Pop is also planning to launch a "songwriter Center" in Piteå, and they will have one employee on site at least one day per week, and that person will be sitting here at the School of Music, says Erik Weissglas and reveals that established musicians will make guest appearances.

- It is a basic idea of ​​the training, to meet industry professionals and practitioners who will share their experiences.

Photo: Tomas Bergman
Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Arts, Communication and Education (KKL) Photo: Tomas Bergman

Complements the artistic environment

Monica Johansson, head of the Department of Arts, Communication and Education, are pleased about the prospective education in Piteå.

- This will complement our musical and artistic environment in two main ways. Firstly through the entire set of training is comprehensive and based on the student's musical direction, we hope for great musical breadth among the applicants. And second, it is both musically and pedagogically very interesting with the pitch-based music, says Monica Johanson.


Weissglas, Erik - Senior Lecturer

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