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Ginger Bread House Contest 2014

Published: 11 December 2014

It was a huge media interest in this year Ginger Bread House Contest at Luleå University of Technology which this year was organized by the Student Association Arctic. The winner was a copy of a real villa in Spain, Barcelona Pavillion.

–  A very stylish creation and very different creature in a contest for houses made of ginger bread, said Catrin Edelbro, lecturer, and founder of this recurring event at the University.

The creators behind the winning contribution, Viktor Hemling and Viktor Lindqvist, interviewed by two different TV channels

There were slightly fewer entry´s in the comtetition this year than is customary, but the quality was as usual very high. Many of the contributions came from students in the Master of Architecture program. The creations were judged by appearance, innovation and design. The contest was open to everybody at the university. The jury commented: Stylish with nice patina surfaces. Realism despite the absence of the famous chair.

–  Our guidelines for the construction included the entire creations are eatable, the gingerbread is not burnt, fancy glued joints, and that the students can move finished piece without tripping, said Catrin Edelbro.

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