Great interest in open house

Published: 17 November 2017

The School of Music at Luleå University of Technology opened its doors to the public and invited guests during Wednesday. Several hundred got to experience everything from rock music to dance and radio workshops.

– We want to create security among the presumptuous students so that they already understand what the education contains, where they will be staying and what teachers they will have, says Jeanett Enstedt, student recruitment ambassador at Luleå University of Technology.

Hope visitors return as students

Open houses are organized annually and are aimed especially at invited upper secondary and high school students from Västerbotten and Norrbotten. This year, over 250 visitors came to participate in the vast range of activities at the School of Music. For example, they could participate in open organ events, create a self-produced radio broadcast and participate in a workshop on improvisational dance.
Jeanett Enstedt wishes the guests returns, but then as students.

– I hope the visitors will be inspired to continue to develop their talent through higher education at university level. Open house is a way for us to show what high quality university education is and to help them get a stable platform for the future career. Here the students gain both knowledge and experience in their education, which makes them attractive in the labor market.

Photo: Lars Andersson
Photo: Lars Andersson