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Great interest for new arrangement 5-TEK

Published: 26 October 2017

100 female junior high school students from all over the country will visit Luleå University of Technology to learn more about engineering educations. The initiative, called 5-TEK, quickly became fully subscribed and could have been filled several times.

5-TEK is a new arrangement from Luleå University of Technology aimed at girls who want to know more about studying technical educations. Earlier this autumn, invitations were sent to girls who study the Swedish high school's science and technology programmes. Over 250 notifications from all over the country quickly entered the 100 places.

–  It's encouraging to see that the interest in 5-TEK is so big. Widening participation in our education programmes is important to us at Luleå University of Technology. An initiative like 5-TEK is part of our work with it, says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Erik Höglund, adding:

– I hope that the participants will have a rewarding visit with us and will get a good insight into the wide range of our engineering educations.

A variety of workshops

During the three days in Luleå (October 29-31), 5-TEK:s participants will meet students and researchers and get to know peers. The participants are offered a variety of workshops, like programming games in Unity, testing how to build a bridge, creating electronic jewelry and melting metals in a 1250-degree oven.

The group that arranges 5-TEK includes current students at Luleå University of Technology. One of them is Anna Vestin, originally from Örnsköldsvik, who is studying the fourth year at the Master Programme in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Anna Vestin believes that it is important to raise interest in technology early in the elementary school. Getting to a university and meeting students, experiencing the environment and gaining a better insight into the programs can encourage more women to apply, she believes.

Wide range of career opportunities

– It's very rewarding if we can motivate more girls to study technical educations. It is important to be able to relate to people who study here today and can provide an insight into how it is to study and answer questions.

She emphasizes that the engineering programmes are broad and can open career opportunities in widely different industries.

– I really want more girls to discover it. A better gender distribution will benefit workplaces and improve creativity and productivity.

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