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Wants to see greater focus on work-life health promotion

Published: 8 June 2020

Existing studies on organizing work from a health-promoting perspective has a greater focus on what does not work rather than what actually works. This according to an overview that researchers from Luleå University of Technology have commissioned for the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise.

The report "Organization of work and its importance for health and well-being" comprises 80 publications, mainly concerning a Swedish context but also with links to other Nordic countries. The authors note that much of the research they analyzed is about factors that cause ill health.

– How the work is organized is very important for well-being and health. Since this is a government assignment, I hope that our overview will reach out to politicians, employers and other key actors, says Karolina Parding, professor of Human Work Sciences at Luleå University of Technology.

Karolina Parding hopes that research funders will become even more interested in promoting funding for research that looks at health factors.
– We need to turn to the perspective and increase our knowledge of the factors that make it work well at work. Different activities require reasonably different things, but it would be very interesting to look more closely at how work needs to be organized so that health and well-being, but also productivity and efficiency, are promoted.

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