Paul Christakopoulos
Paul Christakopoulos

Paul Christakopoulos

Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492510
C153 Luleå


Article in journal

A novel approach for the production of green biosurfactant from Pseudomonas aeruginosa using renewable forest biomass (2020)

Hruzova. K, Patel. A, Masák. J, Maťátková. O, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, et al.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 711
Article, review/survey

An Overview of Potential Oleaginous Microorganisms and Their Role in Biodiesel and Omega-3 Fatty Acid-Based Industries (2020)

Patel. A, Karageorgou. D, Rova. E, Katapodis. P, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, et al.
Part of: Microorganisms
Article in journal

Co-production of DHA and squalene by thraustochytrid from forest biomass (2020)

Patel. A, Liefeldt. S, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
Scientific Reports, Vol. 10
Article in journal

Mining of squalene as a value-added byproduct from DHA producing marine thraustochytrid cultivated on food waste hydrolysate (2020)

Patel. A, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 736
Article in journal

Novel Biorefinery Approach Aimed at Vegetarians Reduces the Dependency on Marine Fish Stocks for Obtaining Squalene and Docosahexaenoic Acid (2020)

Patel. A, Mu. L, Shi. Y, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 23, s. 8803-8813
Article in journal

Numerical modeling and verification of a sonobioreactor and its application on two model microorganisms (2020)

Najjarzadeh. N, Krige. A, Pamidi. T, Johansson. Ö, Enman. J, Matsakas. L, et al.
PLoS ONE, Vol. 15, nr. 3
Article in journal

Organosolv lignin hydrophobic micro- and nanoparticles as a low-carbon footprint biodegradable flotation collector in mineral flotation (2020)

Hruzova. K, Matsakas. L, Sand. A, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Bioresource Technology, Vol. 306
Article in journal

Preparation of low carbon impact lignin nanoparticles with controllable size by using different strategies for particles recovery (2020)

Matsakas. L, Gerber. M, Yu. L, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Industrial crops and products (Print), Vol. 147
Article, review/survey

Recent advances in organosolv fractionation (2020)

Towards biomass fractionation technology of the future
Paulsen Thoresen. P, Matsakas. L, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Part of: Bioresource Technology
Article in journal

Second-Generation Biofuel Production from the Marine Filter Feeder Ciona intestinalis (2020)

Hrůzová. K, Matsakas. L, Karnaouri. A, Norén. F, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 22, s. 8373-8380
Article in journal

The crystal structure of a Fusarium oxysporum feruloyl esterase that belongs to the tannase family (2020)

Dimarogona. M, Topakas. E, Christakopoulos. P, Chrysina. E
FEBS Letters, Vol. 594, nr. 11, s. 1738-1749
Article in journal

A perspective on biotechnological applications of thermophilic microalgae and cyanobacteria (2019)

Patel. A, Matsakas. L, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Bioresource Technology, Vol. 278, s. 424-434
Article in journal

Aromatics from Beechwood Organosolv Lignin through Thermal and Catalytic Pyrolysis (2019)

Kalogiannis. K, Matsakas. L, Lappas. A, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 9
Article in journal

Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignin Isolated by Hybrid Organosolv—Steam Explosion Pretreatment of Hardwood and Softwood Biomass for the Production of Phenolics and Aromatics (2019)

Charisteidis. I, Lazaridis. P, Fotopoulos. A, Pachatouridou. E, Matsakas. L, Rova. U, et al.
Catalysts, Vol. 9, nr. 11
Article in journal

Directed evolution of the type C feruloyl esterase from Fusarium oxysporum FoFaeC and molecular docking analysis of its improved variants (2019)

Cerullo. G, Varriale. S, Bozonnet. S, Antonopoulou. I, Christakopoulos. P, Rova. U, et al.
New Biotechnology, Vol. 51, s. 14-20
Article in journal

Ecoefficiency of Thermal Insulation Sandwich Panels Based On Fly Ash Modified with Colloidal Mesoporous Silica (2019)

Shanmugam. K, Jansson. S, Gadhamshetty. V, Matsakas. L, Rova. U, Tysklind. M, et al.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, Vol. 7, nr. 24, s. 20000-20012
Article in journal

Lignin-first biomass fractionation using a hybrid organosolv (2019)

Steam explosion pretreatment technology improves the saccharification and fermentability of spruce biomass
Matsakas. L, Raghavendran. V, Yakimenko. O, Persson. G, Olsson. E, Rova. U, et al.
Bioresource Technology, Vol. 273, s. 521-528
Article in journal

Lipids detection and quantification in oleaginous microorganisms (2019)

an overview of the current state of the art
Patel. A, Antonopoulou. I, Enman. J, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
BMC Chemical Engineering, Vol. 1
Article in journal

On-line Raman spectroscopic study of cytochromes’ redox state of biofilms in microbial fuel cells (2019)

Krige. A, Sjöblom. M, Ramser. K, Christakopoulos. P, Rova. U
Molecules, Vol. 24, nr. 3
Article in journal

Screening of novel feruloyl esterases from Talaromyces wortmannii for the development of efficient and sustainable syntheses of feruloyl derivatives (2019)

Antonopoulou. I, Iancu. L, Jütten. P, Piechot. A, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P
Enzyme and microbial technology, Vol. 120, s. 124-135