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Student scholarships and prizes

Lavendla scholarships

Lavendla - Sweden's largest digital funeral and law firm announces two different scholarships in digitization and sustainability. SEK 10,000 per scholarship. Deadline for applications 31 December 2021.

Qred essay scholarship

Qred is announcing an essay scholarship worth SEK 10,000 for students dealing with the subject of entrepreneurship and / or small business. Eligible for Qred's essay scholarship are those who are to write / write a bachelor's or master's thesis that concerns small business and / or entrepreneurship. The thesis will shed light on what has not yet been researched and promote knowledge and innovation for entrepreneurial industries. The application is open until 31 October 2021.

Ester Andersson Foundation

Ester Andersson Foundation has the objective to annually award scholarships to students active in Luleå Student Union or Student Union of Engineering who finish their studies in spring 2021. They should also have contributed to the development of Luleå University of Technology and/or the County of Norrbotten can be nominated.

Veronica Öhman's Scholarship Foundation

The Fredrika Bremer Association's Scholarship Foundation manages several foundations and annually awards around 100 scholarships to female university students. This year's application period started on 15 August and closes on 15 October.

Stockholms Arbetareinstitutsförening - Scholarships and Grants

Stockholms Arbetareinstitutsförening announces the following Scholarships and Grants for 2022

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Invitation to nominate for educational prize

Every year, Luleå University of Technology awards educational prices to two award recipients, "Prizes for distinguished contributions in education at undergraduate and advanced levels", to award teachers for contributions for the benefit of education.

Pineberry Essay Scholarship

Pineberry awards a Scholarship to students for best Essay on the subject of digital marketing. The last day to apply for the 2021 scholarship is 15 October for essays written in the academic year 20/21.

Likvidum AB Essay Scholarship

Likvidum AB annually awards an essay scholarship to a student who is writing his or her master's or master's thesis in economics. The last day to apply in 2021 is 31 October.

Ung svensk form

Ung Svensk Form is an annual jury-judged award and traveling exhibition with the aim of increasing and broadening knowledge about young and innovative Swedish design. Deadline for applications 15 September 2021.

The Heat and Power Association's scholarship

Since 2012, the Heat and Power Association (VoK) has awarded scholarships annually with the aim of encouraging degree projects and research in the areas of activity that are in the association's interest. Up to two degree projects and / or doctoral dissertations are awarded a scholarship of SEK 25,000 each. Deadline for applications 30 September 2021.

Ingeborg and Henric Bäckström's fund

In the spring semester of 2021, you who have a high school diploma from a high school in Karlstad can apply for scholarships from Ingeborg and Henric Bäckström's fund. Deadline for applications is 23 May.

Grants for the building development of art - Helgo Zettervall Fund

The Swedish Property Agency disposes of part of the return from Helgo Zettervall's fund to promote the development of Swedish architecture. Deadline for applications 10 May 2021

The Promise Prize

The trade association Promise awards a scholarship of SEK 10,000 for the best degree project in competence development and learning with the support of digital media. Deadline for applications 30 June 2021.

Ekonomifokus Scholarship awards two scholarships each year in finance and real estate. As a student at a college or university in Sweden you now can compete for a total of 10,000 SEK, where each scholarship is worth 5,000 SEK. Those who study abroad through a Swedish school are also welcome to apply. Deadline is 15 December 2021.

Compricer's Scholarship

Compricer annually awards a scholarship aimed at students who have written an essay in the subject of personal finance. The scholarship is worth SEK 20,000 and can be applied for by both authors of C- and D-essays. Deadline for applications 30 September 2021.

Kreditly Scholarship

Kreditly offers an essay scholarship of SEK 6,000 to you who write an essay at bachelor's, master's or master's level during Spring 21. Deadline for applications 31 March 2021.

Queen Silvia Nursing Award

The information is only given i Swedish.

The John Andersson family in Anderslöv Foundation's scholarship

JAA is a foundation that through scholarships wants to satisfy and promote further education of musical youth. The scholarships are aimed at students with a classical specialization. In the area, singing also folk direction.

Kreditkolls Fintech Scholarship

Kreditkoll awards a scholarship annually (once / year), either during the spring or autumn term. The scholarship is aimed at students who write a C-, D-thesis or equivalent in technology, economics, law or similar.

Ozonear Scholarship

Are you going to write an essay that touches on the field of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship? Then you have the opportunity to apply for Ozonair's essay scholarship! The last application day for the spring term is 30 April and for the autumn term 31 October.

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University award ceremony - an important tradition

Luleå University of Technology's traditional award ceremony to draw attention to people who in various ways during the past year have promoted knowledge development, pedagogy and education has been held at Vetenskapens hus. This year's prize winners and prize givers received a memorable award ceremony and the award ceremony was broadcast digitally.

Scholarship mental training

Tommy Davidovic AB want to reward a student that has contributed to our field, coaching and mental training, with new knowledge. Tommy's scholarship is awarded to the best C- or D-essay within the field of sports psychology. The scholarship is worth 10 000 SEK and is awarded once a year. The last day of application is September 30th every year.

Optimizee scholarship

We offer two scholarships per semester of $500 each for you who write a master’s thesis or studying abroad. Your essay or studies abroad should touch on economics or include an economic perspective. The application deadline is April 30 and October 31 every year.

Essay scholarship NTF Trafiken i skolan

To arouse interest in traffic education among future teachers, Trafiken i skolan and NTF are now announcing an essay scholarship. We distribute SEK 5,000 for the best essay at the undergraduate or advanced level that is written within the framework of the undergraduate teacher program (grundlärarprogrammet) or the subject teacher program (ämneslärarprogrammet). The thesis must deal with traffic education in primary school and must comprise at least 15 credits. The scholarship can be awarded to one or more people. The last application date for 2021 is 30 June.

Kredity Scholarship

Kredity awards a scholarship of SEK 5000 to the best idea for a bachelor- or master thesis in economics. The aspect of economics may be applied in a broader term for the thesis, for example change in policy, trade, finance etc. Last application date: Mars 31, 2021

Prestigious scholarship to elite sports students

Three students at Luleå University of Technology will receive the The Swedish Sports Federation's and Svenska Spel's elite sports scholarship for 2020-2021: sailor Vilma Bobeck, racing driver Andreas Bäckman and ice hockey player Sara Grahn.

Skyltmax scholarship

Do you have an idea that could contribute to a more sustainable society? Skyltmax has established a scholarship to encourage ideas that can lead to more sustainable development. The scholarship is worth 10 000 SEK and application deadline is May 15, 2020.

Bäckströmska Foundation

The foundation has the objective to issue scholarships to high school students and students in higher education in order to stimulate further studies, particularly in the area of ​​knowledge related to engineering and science.

Mystep Scholarship

The scholarship is worth SEK 5,000 and is awarded twice a year to you who study economics and write a C or D thesis.

Rune Andersson Jubilee Fondation

The purpose of Rune Andersson's anniversary foundation is to give students at LTU the opportunity for international studies and the Swedish business community to recruit well-educated employees in the future.

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