Stefan Dahlhielm
Stefan Dahlhielm

Stefan Dahlhielm
Aurorum 6-146 Luleå

Stefan Dahlhielm business development and internationalization. Stefan was there when LTU Business was established and has been involved in several international projects.

After 12 years of self-employment is Stefan back at LTU Business since 2000. He works with the IRC, entrepreneurial programs, incubator questions and spin-off from Luleå University. He provides consulting services to the Arctic Business Incubator ..

Stefan has a background as a technical college graduate in Chemistry and Master of Science in Mineral Engineering (mining engineer) at Luleå University. He has extensive experience in business and a large international network and experience in most countries and business cultures.

In his spare time, Stefan involved in a number of non-profit associations and boards as well as an experienced sailor.