We are LTU Business AB

Published: 21 August 2015

LTU Business AB is Northern Sweden's business development company with offices in five locations in northern Sweden. We currently have over 30 years of experience in streamlining organizations' activities and increasing the competitiveness of our customers.

We see change as a positive driving force for creating a more sustainable and attractive society and our task is to help courageous leaders and people reach new insights that lead to a sustainable improvement in society.

LTU Business is today leading specialists in innovation management in Sweden with the help of our own developed method Innovation Due Diligence but also in management consulting, business development for small and medium-sized companies, strategy analyzes, project management and competence development with the help of Luleå University of Technology.


The company's operations are divided into three business areas:

innovation management

LTU Business is today leading specialists in innovation management through market validation of ideas at an early stage. We examine whether it is worth investing time and resources on a new product or service for further development towards the market. Through our in-house developed Innovation Due Diligence model, we validate 150+ new ideas every year at Luleå University of Technology but also at major corporate groups in Sweden and Europe.

Project management and competence development

Project management and competence development have been included in LTU Business's service portfolio since its inception in 1983. We have successfully run development projects in the region for almost 30 years, but have also trained over 10,000 people through our further education initiatives in Norrbotten and internationally.

Strategy and business development

With the help of our business consultants, we can develop specific analyzes that take a strategic approach to your business to develop improvement proposals, we also work near Luleå University of Technology to create a more efficient service and product development for companies and organizations.


The Centek Foundation was formed in the autumn of 1983 to be the link between the then University (today Luleå University of Technology) and the region. The purpose was to develop the region based on collaboration and anchoring in the present time through project-based activities.

Business development is one of the cornerstones of the company's business, and the goal has always been to strengthen the region's competitiveness.

The company started early with international business development for SMEs as a local office for the Enterprise Europe Network and its predecessor Innovation Relay Center.

Since its inception, LTU Business has in various ways developed and driven assignment training programs both internationally, nationally and regionally. Internationally primarily in the areas where Luleå University of Technology has its strengths such as mining industry, environment, energy and gender equality. The early start of the education market has made the company Norrbotten's oldest education company.


  • In 1983, a business hotel was established and counted as Sweden's first incubator business.

  • Since 1986, we have examined 450 mining engineers from Asia, Africa and South America on behalf of the Swedish aid agency SIDA.

  • Between 1997-2001, the organization Swedish Center in Murmansk was run, which monitored and facilitated business opportunities for Norrbotten companies in the Russian market.

  • In 1992, we started our first education in Russia - just one year after the fall of the Soviet Union

  • Today, we have completed assignment training for more than 10,000 participants nationally and internationally.

  • In 1995, we started a gender equality project and leadership program for women in Asia, Africa and Latin America under the name Women in Management.

  • Our design program The form and function of the tourist facilities has received national praise and resulted in the concept and development of Tree Hotel in Boden.

  • Around 2010, the business was given the operational assignment as an innovation office for Luleå University of Technology.


LTU Business AB currently has 35 employees in four locations.

The CEO is Gry Holmgren Hafskjold, who took office in 2008.

LTU Business Board consists of representatives of Luleå University of Technology and the business community in the region.

Luleå University of Technology became the sole owner of Centek via LTU Holding in 2011. In 2015, the company changed its name to LTU Business AB to clarify its role as business development company and its proximity to Luleå University of Technology.