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The hottest industrial trends 2019

Published: 9 April 2019

Hannover Messe, the world's foremost industrial technology trade fair, took place last week. Mineral and mining experts Lisa Ek and Niclas Dahlström from LTU Business were on site and share the most important insights that will generate new business in the future.

  • 5G networks will transform professions and processes in the mining industry.
    New technology means that more processes can be automated, leading to new professional roles, but also safer, more efficient and more attractive work environments.
  • Sustainability creates new innovations and business relationships
    Creating more environmentally friendly processes is a necessity and a clear focus in general, and for the mining industry in particular. Innovations that will contribute towards sustainable production extends through the entire value chain, from extraction to processing and recycling. Sweden and Europe are at the forefront of the development towards more fossil free mining, not least thanks to several extensive collaborative projects.
  • Clusters are the future
    With new developments in technology and sustainability policy, industrial firms shift to focus on the core business, at the same time investing in increasing collaborations with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), academia and research institutes to create added value to those processes. This means a growth opportunity for SMEs and start-ups through collaboration with large industrial companies, and it becomes important to create arenas for goal-oriented knowledge exchange with the help of innovation management.
  • Go special or go home
    Be brave and specialize. Find your company's unique offer and focus on exceling in it. Spend time doing research on your prospects to understand their processes and how your service or product can add value to them. There are probably uses for your product that you do not even know - participating in collaborative projects and clustering, but also being alert and adaptable in their work processes are key strategic actions.

Lisa Ek, business developer LTU Business, is a specialist in business strategy, innovation management and market segmentation and has experience working with everything from global manufacturing companies to entrepreneurs and innovators.

Niclas Dahlström, business developer and project manager LTU Business, with his background in market, project management and communication, has over ten years experience in leading positions at companies within Norrbotten's manufacturing industry.

LTU Business AB is a management consulting firm specializing in innovation, business development and project management. LTU Business works closely with Luleå University of Technology and is based in Northern Sweden - one of Europe’s leading innovation regions according to EU.