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Research findings became innovative automation solution with Startup Summer

Published: 31 January 2019

A research team at Luleå University of Technology has developed a new nano-controller for the automated industries of the future. After verifying their business concept with the help of LTU Business, they have now been accepted to the Arctic Business Incubator as a startup.

- Our product Iceblock makes it possible for companies to create completely modular and reconfigurable factory floors and increase the overall operating efficiency, said Sandeep Patil, postdoctoral researcher at Luleå university of technology.

It is the research team of Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin, Dmitrii Drozdov and Sandeep Patil from the research subject Dependable Communication and Computation Systems at Luleå University of Technology who have developed an innovative new nano-controller. Nano controllers are today used to control mechatronic systems and processes for manufacturing companies.

Unique Nano controller

- Iceblock will be launched with a built-in reliable wireless connectivity, based on wifi and advanced algorithms providing sufficient reliability for the industrial requirements. It will help industry to reconfigure automation systems without having to develop new software for each occasion. This enables a larger range of mass customisation as well as it enables the industry to adapt much more quickly to market needs, said Sandeep Patil.

The team's ambition is for the nano-controller to become one of the cornerstones that is required to transform a manufacturing company into a industry 4.0 company. The researchers are currently conducting a dialogue with a company to start a test site for the product and the solutions to go with the product.

- Our goal is to have a fully functional product in two years. In six months, we will have an educational package ready for use by education and by industries to train their engineers for how to work with the new technology and standard using IceBlocks, said Sandeep Patil.

Investigated business potential in Startup Summer

One of the reasons why they were admitted to the ABI incubator was because of the researchers applied for Startup Summer, which is arranged by LTU Business. With Startup summer students explore the market potential in business ideas which come from their research findings using the Innovation Due Diligence methodology.

- We had a thought about the business potential, but we needed someone who got out of the university and talked to our customers. It was very important for us to understand the industry's needs and if our product could be applied for that need and we used that data for our ABI application. Without the program we would still have been stuck with identifying the customer. If you are a researcher with results that you think has commercial potential then you should apply for the Startup summer, said Sandeep Patil, postdoctoral researcher at Luleå university of technology.

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