Johan Bergström
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Congratulations Johan - the first certified innovation manager north of Sundsvall!

Published: 20 August 2019

Johan Bergström, business developer at LTU Business, can now call himself a certified innovation leader. Johan is one of the first in Sweden and the first certified innovation leader north of Sundsvall. The certification has been initiated by the industry organization Innovation Leaders and is being implemented by RISE.

Johan already has four international professional qualifications in innovation, issued at the University of Texas and the Stanford Research Institute, SRI International.

- Innovation leaders as a professional role are roughly where project managers were twenty years ago. As demand increases, everyone wants to call themselves innovation leaders, but there are no general guidelines for what one as a customer should expect. This initiative from RISE and the Innovation Leaders will be a kind of peer test that is good for the customer and good for us practitioners.

At LTU Business, innovation management is one of the most sought after services. With the proprietary method Innovation Due Diligence®, IDD, the market validates over 300 business ideas every year.

- We see that there is a need for innovation management in everything from startups to large groups and public authorities. The customer takes advantage of innovation management, for example, to verify the potential of a service, process or product that is in its infancy, or to seek new solutions to a complex challenge, says Emil Svanberg, Innovation Manager at LTU Business.

Johan Bergström received his diploma on June 27, 2019.