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Idea competition!

9 Dec. 2019, 13:00
Published: 8 November 2019

What if your idea could change someone’s life to the better? Take it to the next level.

SEK 30 000, SEK 20 000 and SEK 10 000
+ personal business coach
+ roadmap towards your goal
+ your case published on www.ltubusiness.se

* No cash prize. How you can spend the prize money depends on your the needs of your particular idea. Examples of activities could be going to a trade show or prototyping. LTU Business will provide you with a personal coach to design the best course of action


Impact 50% and Credibility 50%

Description of each criterion:
Impact: What effect can be achieved with the idea? On what scale can the idea be implemented? Missing good alternatives today? From a social, environmental and economic perspective.

Credibility: What skills are needed to implement the idea? Is the idea possible to implement?


This competition is open to all ideas, from social to commercial, large and small. You must be a student, PhD, researcher or employee of Luleå University of Technology. If you are a team, at least one person must have a connection to Luleå University of Technology. The idea should be your own (or your teams). It does not matter how far you have come in working with your idea, but commercialization must not have begun (it must not have been ongoing sales). Do you have more ideas? Fill out a form for each idea. The maximum number of ideas to compete with is five (5). The form is in English, but you can choose whether you want to write in Swedish or English. Your choice of language does not affect your chances of winning. All contributions are treated confidentially. A jury appoints the winners. The jury's decision cannot be appealed. The prize is not distributed in pure money directly to the winner, but used after planning for the development of the idea is made. Do not hesitate to contact us at LTU Business if you have any questions! lisa.mujagic@ltubusiness.se or roger.tuomas@ltubusiness.se

The competition runs between Nov 11th and Dec 9th at 13.00. Winners will be presented Dec 16th.