Innovation expert develops international market strategy for Luleå companies

Published: 6 September 2017

Austin's leading innovation company, IC2 Institute, has visited Luleå and LTU Business in order to develop a marketing strategy for the Luleå-Austin cooperation.

– We have just seen how the Luleå company Compodium has supported distressed hospitals in hurricane distraught Texas. We need to get more of our fantastic companies on the international market, said Pär Johansson, Innovation Director at LTU Business.

The IC2 Institute will help companies, among other things, to make it easier to seek venture capital in Austin, but also give concrete help with business development and innovation management through the IC2 Institute and LTU Business agreement.

– Luleå has very attractive technology companies. I have offered myself to receive three to five Luleå companies at no cost and setup meetings with venture capitalists as well as advice on identifying new markets in South Korea, North America and Europe, said Greg Pogue, Interrim Director IC2 Institute.

Together, LTU Business and IC2 Institute have conducted a series of strategic meetings, interviews and workshops. The assignment to establish a market strategy for the Luleå-Austin cooperation is therefore more than halfway done.

– We have worked closely with IC2 in Austin for four years. It has actively contributed to the fact that they have raised their eyes to Luleå and the unique strong cooperation we have between the municipality, university and business community. This week has created decisive puzzles pieces for the market strategy, said Pär Johansson, Innovation Director at LTU Business AB.