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Kalix Teknik found the German market via LTU Business

Published: 30 May 2016

Kalix Teknik has developed an innovative and adjustable cheek support for hunting rifles. When they wanted to reach the German market they ook the help of LTU Business and Enterprise Europe Network.

The new product makes it possible to adjust the height of the cheek support to fit the shooter and the height of the telescopic sight.

- We had heard of the LTU Business and contected them for seeking business partners through the Enterprise Europe Network. We had no market except in Norway back then. LTU Business began to actively seek out companies on the German market and quite quickly they fuond three companies which approached, said David Henriksson, Partner in Kalix Technology.

It was the start of the Central European launch. Today, the company is available in a number of markets in Europe.

- We found dealers who spread our product through advertising. We get more and more customers in Germany thanks to our contacts through LTU Business. 2015, we had revenues somewhere around 100 000 SEK on the German market and this year we aim to reach between 400.000 to 600.000 kr. This year we have extra leverage as we signed an agreement with the world's largest arms manufacturers Browning.

In 2016, they launched the product to 550 dealers in Europe and 250 retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Even Browning in the US have shown interest.

- The simple thing with LTU Business was the transparent communication where we expressed our wishes about which country we wanted to launch in, and in not time we got an answer if there were active players in the area, said David Henriksson, partner in Kalix Teknik.