"Many myths about digitization in the business world"

Published: 29 November 2016

Seventy percent of Swedish companies consider that they need to act and digitized - however, knowledge is often lacking. LTU Business is currently conducting a education program in the area and recently held a first full-day seminar on Data Mining and Business Intelligence along with expert and assistant professor Ahmed Elragal and several other experts.

- The first step towards the digitization of a business is to work with advanced data-mining. It is about clearly defining the goals of what you want to achieve with their data, and invest in the infrastructure. Swift wins going to get through clearly understand how a target audience behaves and to market the right products at the right time through automated marketing. In the area there are many who believe that they are doing right, but in fact is acting wrong, says Ahmed Elragal, assistant professor at Luleå University.

When the lecture was attended by many IT and data center industry as well as researchers from Luleå University. During the lecture pointed out the importance of knowing the actual information and data you sit on. Today is a wealth of useful information untapped, and many companies sitting on large amounts of data to both the use and misinterpret. The companies misunderstand why the market and the consequence is poor service to customers.

- There is a misconception that data mining is all about putting up SQL databases and visualizing data, but to really understand and analyze the information required complex analyzes that take the help of machine learning. So acting all big giants in e-commerce Amazon, Google, E-bay and so on, says Ahmed Regal.

Education investment in digitization as LTU Business conducts counted commence full swing and is scheduled to continue with need-based courses in the spring of 2017.

- We now compiles the valuable input that we have to respond to society's needs with a variety of customized training programs starting in spring 2017. The potential for bigger, better and new deals are good for those who choose to learn more in the field of digitization, says Niclas Dahlström business developer at LTU business AB.