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Mentoring program shapes future leaders of Norrbotten

Published: 21 November 2016

Latitude 66 is a mentoring program that shapes future leaders. The project is managed by LTU Business and the university. A total of 16 leaders with 15 mentors participates.

- It is in this kind of context that you take the time, that deep dive into issues related to one's own operations but also external issues and create growth opportunities for the company, says Johanna Grimståhl, CEO of the communications agency More Media, which is one of the participants.

Latitude is a blend of a classic mentoring programs along with a training program where for nine hits addressing the relevant issues for leaders in northern Sweden. Themes addressed include the globalization of the economy and increased regional diversity, competitive companies as the basis for regional development, the importance of knowledge, experience and personal passion, the different types of networks and networking, how to think new and different, and the need for innovation in business and society.

- I'm participating because I'm interested in developing Norrbotten. For it to be a point in this part of the country, it must happen. We are facing major challenges such as digitization, integration and skills shortages as I think it can be turned into something good, says Kent Eneris, president of BnearIT.

Lars-Eric Aaro, sales manager at ÅF and the former. CEO of LKAB was one of the speakers and gave a talk about leadership in a changing landscape and how to read the so-called mega-trends in their own business.

- It can feel very far away to have to take a position on self-driving cars, and automated and digitizing but it must be done it will inevitably affect the company sooner or later. A good leader must be curious and evaluate its activities continuously, says Lars-Eric Aaro.

List of participants and mentors

  • Participants, Anna Karlsson, Regional Savings Bank North
    Mentor, Per Embertsén, President of SCA Forest Products' R & D Centre

  • Participants, Charlotte Reinholdt Infrastructure Strategist for the regional public transport authority in Norrbotten
    Mentor, Helena Leufstadius, CEO of Swedish public transport

  • Participants, H anna Weinmar, Project Manager Sigmar method agency
    Mentor, Pia Areblad, Business Manager in Ale and Niclas Wikström President and Strategist for Oh My Production

  • Participants, Isabella Katsimenis, Chairman of the County Association for Nature Conservation Society of Norrbotten
    Mentor, Erik Höglund, Professor and Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology

  • Participants, Jenny Hakeberg, communicator Norrbotten County Council
    Mentor, Gunhild Stensmyr, Guesthouse beatiful

  • Participants, Jenny Hellman, CEO, Visit Luleå AB
    Mentor, Gry Holmgren, CEO LTU Business AB

  • Participants, Jens Lundqvist, Chairman of Luleå Energi AB
    Mentor, Inga-Lill Holmgren, Swedbank / New Leadership

  • Participants, John Pope, manager Saltoluokta Mountain Station
    Mentor, Sture Bryggman, Jokkmokk

  • Participants, Johanna Grimståhl, CEO More Media
    Mentor, Johan Frishammar, Professor, Luleå University of Technology

  • Participants, Jonas Almqvist, Development BillerudKorsnäs
    Mentor, Åsa Ericson Professor, Luleå University of Technology

  • Participants, Josefin W Bernárdzon, Regional, Young Enterprise
    Mentor, Gunnar Eikeland, CEO, Sparbanken Nord

  • Participants, Kent Eneris, CEO BnearIT AB
    Mentor, Ulf Öhman, Advisor

  • Participants, Mattias Westberg, President Kallax Construction

  • Participants, Mia Nilsson, Head of National Land Survey Function
    Mentor, Anneli Sjömark, CEO, Luleå Energi AB

  • Participants, Michael Nilsson, Project CDT

  • Participants, Patrik Andersson, head of power trading Luleå Energi AB
    Mentor, Karl Petersen, Self Employed