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Networking for Norrbottens future leader

Published: 31 May 2018

A future in constant change requires much of our leaders in the region. Latitude 66 is the mentorship program that strengthens Norrbotten by finding and developing leaders who have broader engagement than just their own business and who will face the challenges of the future. Now another 16 leaders have completed the network of participants and mentors who have taken part in this program.

- I stepped into Lattitude 66 with the hope of broadening my network as I'm relatively new to the resort. By the end of the year, I can only say that this mentoring program has exceeded all my expectations. The lectures, the group and the people I have come into contact with during the year the program has been magical. LTU Business has succeeded in sewing together an extremely thoughtful and rewarding development program, which I would recommend that more people apply, said Gustav Nordin, Head of Division at Datschas Development Office in Luleå.
LTU Business has now run three development programs with leaders from Norrbotten. On Wednesday, the network gathered with participants and mentors from all three rounds to build on the network and see how they can make a difference for Norrbotten together. Some of the questions that were discussed were the region's development through increased cooperation, attractiveness and a long-term and sustainable tourism industry. In addition, they became aware of Lars-Eric Aaro's journey as leader and talks were brought about important parts of today's leadership.
- In total, there have been 48 participants in Latitude for three years. We are currently investigating how we will take the concept further to build on this leadership platform. These are people who care about our region's development and there are resources we need to take care of, said Monica Äijä-Lenndin, Program Manager.
The program is underway for a year and includes mentoring meetings, networking, lectures and workshops from Norrbotten in the world - the world into Norrbotten to strengthen the leader in managing the rapid change we face. We want to capture young and other committed leaders who are more committed than just their own business so we make them continue to work in our region.
Other topics have been, among other things, how the globalized economy creates new opportunities, how today's refugees can become tomorrow's resources, how to build networks, alliances, innovations and how to attract excellence to their organization. The group has also entered the corridors of power and gained insight into how we can influence.
Latitude 66 Mentorship is hosted by LTU Business AB, and the program's financiers have been Sparbanken Nord, the region of Norrbotten.

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