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New venture explores business potential in research

Published: 19 June 2018

Startups summer is a new venture where researchers get aid from students to discover business potential in their research during the summer. The idea of ​​the concept is to create added benefit for research results and increase the number of innovations from Luleå University of Technology.

– I need skilled people who know the business side of my research that can help me to create a preliminary business model. My hope is to get recommendations on how to proceed with my research in a commercial way, said Arash Mousavi, Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology.

Arash Mousavi has developed an algorithm for a simulation tool to help reduce energy usage in data centers. By 2020, it is estimated that the world's data center will account for 2 percent of the world's global carbon dioxide emissions.

– I think that the rigid cooling systems currently used waste a lot of energy. Depending on the data center you're looking at, I think my solution can reduce energy consumption from cooling by up to 30 percent, said Arash Mousavi.

The method Innovation Due Diligence is used

In total, four students will help investigate business potential from two research cases during the summer. In addition to the Arash Mousavis project, the IceBlock project by Professor Valeriy Vyatkin, Dmitri Drosdov and Sandeep Patil is also analysed. The project is about a new innovation in industrial automation and industry 4.0 with the help of digitization.

Markus Sjölund and Emma Ryttare who attend fourth and fifth year of the Industrial Management program at Luleå University of Technology will work with Arash Mousavi.

– When I saw the presentation, I thought that this challenge seems really complex and that's when I knew it that this was what I wanted to work with during the summer. The solution is very exciting and it can help create a greener and more sustainable society, said Markus Sjölund.

Together, they will use the Innovation Due Diligence method developed by LTU Business. The method determines, in a structured way, whether a service or product is worth investing time and resources in, at a very early stage.

– This summer program is very effective and provides a clear win-win for all parties. When regular work ends, students continue to investigate business potential and the research results get a huge commercial boost during the vacation. Students can develop their ability with Innovation Due Diligence under our leadership, while we still maintain young talents in the region during the summer, said Emil Svanberg, Head of Innovation Management at LTU Business.

If you want to investigate business potential in the research, please contact:

Roger Tuomas

Roger Tuomas,

Phone: 070-5149357