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New start of Korta vägen - 18 foreign graduates looking for internship

Published: 27 April 2017

Academic in his native country but unemployed in Sweden. Now, the next round of Korta has begun, containing everything from female computer technicians with many years of experience to doctors and industrial economists.

The short way is a program that helps immigrant academics get to the Swedish labor market. The program has been active since 2010 and has had about 150 participants from all continents.

Through internship, participants can connect to the labor market. The model has proved to be very successful in northern Sweden. About 70 percent of the participants in the program then get jobs in their field of work.

"The short way is a great opportunity for North-born companies that can try to work with highly educated people who have work experience from other countries," says Eleonora Vaccari.

The program is 12-26 weeks and consists of both education and internship. The education primarily improves the opportunities to get a job that matches the applicant's academic education and, secondly, is preparing for university studies aimed at completing the foreign exam.