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Useful tools in social media for your business

Published: 2 December 2015

EVENT Five quick questions for Niklas Myhr, global speaker and marketing professor who returns home during the Swedish Championship week in Piteå, where he together with Helicopter Brand Design is organizing a half day seminar on social media and content marketing that is targeted at entrepreneurs, managers, and business executives in the region.

1. Tell me about yourself?

– I'm still a “Pitebo” and live with my family in Southern California where I teach marketing at Chapman University. I have a PhD in marketing and in recent years I have immersed myself in social media. Today I have the highest Google ranking for the term Social Media Professor, and have become known as The Social Media Professor.

2. What made ​​you interested in social media marketing?

– It was when I worked with executive education at IFL, now at the Stockholm School of Economics, I realized how much business is about human relationships, networks, and finding common ground. The Internet is a godsend for people who think it is important to nurture those kinds of relationships. In addition to the purely personal possibilities of social media, I have studied how companies, large and small, are using increasingly powerful technologies to maintain and nurture extensive networks in the international business environment. For me it is a combined passion for technology and business that attracted me to the field of marketing.

3. Have we understood the importance of marketing today?

– Good question. One should perhaps not jump on the digital train before taking a broader approach to embrace marketing in general. It is still the case that many companies do not really see the importance of marketing. They understand the value of selling and advertising, but all do not see the connection between long-term marketing efforts and what makes a company prosper. As Peter Drucker said, the purpose of a company is to create and retain customers and therefore the only critical business functions are marketing and innovation. The rest are costs.

4. So what is content marketing?

– It is a type of marketing where you don’t focus on selling the product directly but instead concentrate on helping the target group solve their problems by regularly publishing content in the form of training, advice, and tools completely free. It sounds preposterous to many business people of the old school, but as people no longer pay attention to traditional advertising, content marketing can increase your impact. You get found by the people googling for solutions to their problems and then you get the opportunity to build trust and confidence in your abilities by being of service with answers to their questions and ultimately, some of the people you help will also buy some of your products. The entrepreneur Jon Ferrara usually say: "If you teach people how to fish, they will figure out you sell fishing poles."

5. Should we distinguish between digital marketing and non-digital marketing? All is well in the digital future?

– Yes, everything has a digital dimension in the future, that is a clear trend that another “Pitebo” Darja Isaksson usually talks about. But not everyone has embraced the digital revolution yet, hence there is a point in still emphasizing terms like digital. When the digital aspects eventually become an integral part of the core business, these terms will fall away. Same thing with social media. Then I will change moniker from The Social Media Professor to Global Marketing Professor. I actually have a blog that ranks number one for that search, too :)

Niklas Myhr’s top three tips:

  • Be present on multiple social media networks so that you make it easy for the customer to find you.
  • Build relationships through conversations in which you are personal in tone and talk like a human being and not as a brochure.
  • Ask people how you can help them rather than constantly trying to get your network to help you. Your biggest capital may very well be your relationship capital and manage it well as it can come in handy when you really need it.

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