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LTU startup won 250.000 SEK

Published: 7 March 2019

In the future, we shower with soap in tablet form. The Luleå student Tommie Lögdahl won 250.000 SEK for his new sustainability concept, Nowa Drops. The entrepreneurial journey began with LTU Business's business development program Impact Lab.

When Swedbank's national entrepreneurial competition Rivstart ended, Tommie Lögdahl, who read technical design at Luleå University of Technology, was able to go home as one of the winners. Out of thousands of registered competitors, Tommie Lögdahl finished in third place with a quarter of a million SEK in his hand.

- It feels great to get confirmation for something that you have created completely by yourself and then get the starting capital to realize the product. My passion has always been to develop products that improve the daily life for people and the environment, said Tommie Lögdahl.

His idea Nowa Drops is about developing a tablet that converts tap water to liquid soap. The goal is to reduce global emissions by streamlining the transport of liquid hygiene products.

- We want to make it easy for people to live more sustainably. With Nowa Drops, we reduce the amount of plastic waste by reusing packaging. Recycling is good but reuse is considerably better for the climate, said Tommie Lögdahl.

LTU Business provided the right tools

In the family there have always been entrepreneurs and Tommie says that he himself had a dream of developing his own ideas for a long time, but the opportunity came through the LTU Business summer program Impact Lab.

- Impact Lab was really good for me. I learned new methods and processes about business models, which complemented the theoretical knowledge from the university, said Tommie Lögdahl.

What began as an app for charity donations was further developed into an idea to create a product that reduces our plastic consumption. Johan Bergström, business developer at LTU Business talks about how programs like Impact Lab can provide long-term and methodical business skills that help entrepreneurs one step closer to realizing their dream.

- Impact Lab is a summer job concept where you get tools to test your idea and insights on whether the idea is feasible, or need further development. You get access to coaching from business developers with extensive experience from start-ups, said Johan.

Free expert help for university students

As part of LTU Business AB's assignment from Luleå University of Technology, the region's next generation of innovators receive support for developing ideas and companies. Students from LTU have access to free counseling and coaching in methods for business development of experts with practical experience from the business community.

- We at LTU Business are passionate about making northern Sweden a sustainable place for the future and then we need to create the conditions for young people to start business. We are proud and happy that Tommie and Nowa Drops have the opportunity to continue their journey, and show for the rest of Sweden what innovators we have here in the north, said Gry Holmgren, CEO of LTU Business AB.