LTU Business sommar 2019
Students gearing up for nine weeks as business development consultants with LTU Business. Photo Alex Maxe. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

The dream work experience? Students stay north for the summer

Published: 11 June 2019

Business development is a hot summer job. No less than 100 students have applied to the 24 places available on the LTU Business Summer programme, an increase of 50% compared with 2018. "It is positive that interest is so strong and hopefully this will lead to more companies, organizations and researchers being inspired to hire student consultants "says Karoline Pettersson, LTU Business.

Cecilia Sjöberg studies industrial economics at Luleå University of Technology and is one of the students participating in LTU Business Summer:
- I applied to get qualified experience and an opportunity to make contacts and references that are valuable when I graduate. I’m looking forward to working with the regional companies on developing new business.
The students develop their cases independently, with support from LTU Business through coaching and tools for idea generation, innovation processes and business strategies. The grand finale is a Dragon’s Den-like pitch and hopefully bringing the idea to the next phase of the development. LTU Business Summer is in many cases a part of the journey for new, innovative startups in the region to find their market. For example, nationally awarded NowaDrop's links to LTU Business Summer. Widefind and DANS Control that have been adopted to Arctic Business Incubator's startup program are other examples.
The entpreneur: "A unique opportunity for product development"
Nordic Quick Systems from Piteå has chosen to participate in LTU Business Summer with a product development assignment.
- We are committed to running an innovative company that delivers products with high customer benefit. The collaboration with LTU Business Summer gives us a unique opportunity to get creative and thoughtful recordings from competent and ambitious students, which most likely will culminate in an exciting product that we can launch in the future, says Sammy Pergament, co-owner of Nordic Quick Systems.
Flexible programme to boost interest
- We have been running this type of program for a long time, but as individual programs. We saw the opportunity to further increase the synergy effects by establishing a concept that has the flexibility to be mobile and develop in line with the university and the region. We see great potential for other organizations that work with many parallel projects and target groups to use the model, says Gry Holmgren, CEO of LTU Business.
Within the broad spectrum of business development, strategy and innovation management are LTU Business’ specialist topics . Through a unique relationship with Luleå University of Technology and assignments for both the private and public sectors, there was a unique opportunity to create an agile collaboration concept - LTU Business Summer. The result is a method to reach out to participants with greater impact and increased sustainability over time.
Increased collaboration between the region and the university
Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Chairman of the Board LTU Business and Vice-Chancellor of Luleå University of Technology believe that the synergy effects of the collaboration concept contribute to a more attractive place to live and work in:
- The ambition of LTU Business is to create synergy effects for students, companies, academia and society, and LTU Business Summer is a concrete example of the benefits we can create - in this case in the form of valuable professional experience and a chance for extra income for students, growth opportunities for the region's companies while attracting more students to stay in Norrbotten over the summer instead of going from here. At the same time, the university's research finds out in a national and international market.