Two Projects at the Cost of One Workshop

Published: 11 January 2017

A new type of industry workshops led by Smart Built Environment in collaboration with the industry has led to the approval of two new test beds to digitialize the construction industry.

The testbed projects "Valla coach" and "Smart planning, building, management and utilization processes throughout the life cycle" comprises a total of 11.3 million SEK. The project Valla coach is led by Luleå University of Technology and willi digitalization to modernize work on building sites.

- We will develop packages that include measurement and analysis methods and coaching initiatives that will streamline work processes in the construction industry on the workplace, said Lars Stehn, Charied Professor in Timber Structures at Luleå University of Technology.

The second test bed is led by KTH and intends to create a continuous flow of information through a building projects lifecycle.

- There is currently no national standard for the exchange of information on buildings, infrastructure and neighborhoods during a construction project. We want to develop new technological solutions and standardize the flow. All parties involved should have access to digital information with a minimum of resources to facilitate the planning and construction of the new Swedish society, said Thomas Olofsson, Chaired Professor in Construction Engineering and Management at Luleå University of Technology.

New Workshop Concepts Behind Ideas

The two project ideas emerged in a new kind of industrial workshop which lasted a day and a half in the spring of 2016. A mix of national and local industry representatives were invited, including BoKlok, Veidekke, Ikano Bostad, Lindbäcks Bygg, NCC, iTid, Tyréns, Design Evolution, Nordmark & ​​Nordmark and Lantmäteriet.

- The implementation will help the companies' strategic thinking and planning. They get a clear overview of the current situation and how future of the indusry will look. And the fact that the industry helped to develop the ideas behind the project makes them feel involved and that they themselves own the ideas, said Thomas Olofsson.

The method is called Consensus Innovation (CI), and was developed at Luleå University of Technology by Mattias Bergström who works at LTU Business AB.

- For me, a workshop means to work and to move the work forward. I developed a method based on building consensus between the participating actors. The method takes advantage of the knowledge of all participants instead of one of them pushing the other forwards without creating relevant results, which is something I feel is quite common in many workshops, said Mattias Bergström, PhD, and business developer at LTU Business AB.

The method is different for each individual workshop but in general they aim to seek consensus by making a comprehensive situation analysis and through that creating a vision of the future. Based on the vision the participants creates a road map with concrete proposals for how to best reach the vision. In the end the group narrows down the image to create a basis for project applications based on the best proposals.

- I was a little skeptical when we contacted LTU Business. I knew then what I wanted, I thought. But after the workshop, we had three concrete proposals and about 50 pages of ideas from the industry. We had to cut large amounts before application. Normally, it is usually the opposite. It felt amazing. As an interesting continuation, both I and Thomas are called to meetings with companies and they ask us immediately when we will do this again, said Lars Stehn, Professor of Timber Structures at Luleå University of Technology.

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